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0.1.2 Hotfix
Patched a bug with enemy AI aim that slipping past our initial playtesting further performance enhancement...
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0.1.2 patch
Today's update includes the following major performance improvements improved enemy ai and behavior patch to starter handgun (can no longer be fired with off h...
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Patch 0.1.1
Quick update today where we made some major performance improvements and also tweaked the stability and physics of enemy npcs, overall this new build should run...
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0.1 is live!
You heard it here folks, along with some performance, visual and ai fixes 0.1 brings with it to the public the rest of the first level to be tested, explored in...
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Surprise mofos!
Condition Zed is upon you! For a number of years I've always wanted to do an "old school" shooter, gritty, uncompromising, overly gory and excessively violent...
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