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Condition Zed is upon you!  For a number of years I've always wanted to do an "old school" shooter, gritty, uncompromising, overly gory and excessively violent.   Finally the time is upon us, as such we've released a little teaser of our vision for "Condition Zed" for the general public to take a look at, just a small portion of the first level, but it should be enough for folks to get a taste and let us know if this is the kind of experience they want to have in VR.  

If this is the kind of thing that can drum up some general support it would be an absolute dream to polish this up, finish up the rest of the levels I'm envisioning and turn this baby loose on the world in all its glory.   After spending years studying the old masters of the FPS genre it's finally time to start my love letter to the games I grew up on.  As a way to gauge support  and help drum up some development resources I've set this project to allow "donations" but at this stage it's definitely not "for sale" in the conventional sense, either way this game is on my short list of things I want to see more of in VR and I'm hoping some of you folks feel the same way!

-Devastatin Dave


Condition 216 MB
Jun 04, 2019

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