0.1 is live!

You heard it here folks, along with some performance, visual and ai fixes 0.1 brings with it to the public the rest of the first level to be tested, explored investigated and generally horrified by.    We're hard at work on the rest of the levels as well as we're anxious to bring the full arcade experience to both our patrons at our physical location as well as the public at large.  

As we're designing Condition Zed as a "more hardcore" option for our arcade players primarily we've gone to great lengths to simplify gameplay and make things as easy as possible for our more serious players, those who are tired of the run of the mill "wave shooter" and want something a little more meaty to sink their virtual teeth into.  This means gameplay is as lean and simple as possible, explore the world, kill the enemies, find the keycards, open the doors and survive the horrors that await behind said doors.  

The initial reception has been pretty amazing and we're excited to be able to offer this experience to the public as well.  We're rapidly working on completing the <1hr campaign with the first of three levels included in the current public build.  Once all three levels are complete and playable the current version will become the "demo" and we will begin charging full price for the finished game, we're thinking about $3 seems fair for a <1hr single player horror shooter but we'll ultimately decide on a final price based on feedback from our users. 

Any donations via our Patreon will entitle the user to a full copy on release so if you'd like to get in on things early for $1(or more maybe?) head on over to our Patreon and show some love, this will also get you keys for a number of our other titles as well!!

As always thank you all for your support, feedback, kind words and just for playing our games in general!



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Jun 19, 2019

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