A downloadable game for Windows

IMPORTANT!! These are test builds for the upcoming title "ESVR" these alpha test builds in no way represent the final product and are provided to gather public feedback on various game mechanics as we move towards release. 

NOTE: please report any bugs with the current build via our Discord

Build log:

8/6/19(0.0.2 hotfix) minor hotfix to fire career (PLEASE SEE PATCH NOTES FOR FULL DETAILS)

Planned features:

  • A large, interactive open world loaded with call outs and npcs, both law abiding and criminal.
  • Simulation of police, fire and ems activities, training and calls ranging from the mundane to the outrageous.  
  • Simulation of the procedures, equipment, weapons (both lethal & non lethal) and vehicles built hand in hand with leading emergency services professionals to ensure an authentic and enjoyable experience.
  • Fully compatible with Oculus rift, HTC vive, WMR and OSVR headsets(wmr/osvr compatibility via steamvr)
OSWin 7Win 10
CPUi5 64 biti7 64 bit

DISCLAIMER:  This is an early access title, features and content can and will undoubtedly change dramatically over the course of development.  We're counting on community input to help us to make the absolute best title possible.

Install instructions

Just extract the .zip to your chosen location then play!

On foot controls are standard free locomotion with snap turning on the right controller touchpad/stick.  Vehicles are controlled by grabbing the steering wheel at the top center with the left hand and using the left trigger to accelerate and the left stick/touchpad to brake.  

Please assume your comfortable seated "driving" position prior to "using" the door handle to enter a vehicle.  


ESVR-0.0.2(hotfix).zip 468 MB

Development log