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IMPORTANT!! These are test builds for the upcoming title "UndercoVR" these alpha test builds in no way represent the final product and are provided to gather public feedback on various game mechanics as we get closer to early access release. 

NOTE: please report any bugs with the current build via our Discord

Build log:

5/1/19(v0.5.8)(HOTFIX) Addressed a severe but very rare physics bug we had introduced while adjusting vehicles, addressed a performance issue as well that slipped thru our initial testing.

4/29/19(v0.5.8) Complete rewrite of all npc, enemy and npc vehicle ai from the ground up, this means newer, smarter and much more dangerous enemies overall as well as smarter civilians that will attempt to flee from danger.  Further work has been done on the map itself to flesh out unfinished areas, fix terrain bugs and improve visual fidelity overall.  Vehicle physics have also been further adjusted in this build to make driving a little more forgiving for newer users by making the initial starting "vehicle" less powerful so it's easier to control as you learn the driving mechanics.

Also running a bit of a developer contest as well, see our official discord for full details and a shot at getting a custom npc in game, your name in the credits as well as a steam key on release!


Planned features:

  • Living breathing open world chock full of secrets, activities and dangers
  • A rich and complex branching storyline, choices have consequences
  • Get behind the wheel, take part in car chases, drive bys and more
  • Choose from an arsenal of weapons, both melee and ranged
  • Streamlined arcade gunplay, no fumbling for magazines while under fire
  • Support for Oculus Rift, Planned full support for HTC Vive and WMR headsets
  • 100% transparent, user driven development process, we welcome comments and suggestions via our official discord (https://discord.gg/dwp8YaA)  or fb page (https://www.facebook.com/undercovrgame/)
OSWin 7Win 10
CPUi5 64 biti7 64 bit

DISCLAIMER:  This is an early access title, features and content can and will undoubtedly change dramatically over the course of development and we're counting on community input to help us to make the absolute best open world crime drama available for VR.

Install instructions

Once downloaded unpack the archive to your desired location and you're ready to go!


UndercoVR-testing-0.5.8.zip 1 GB

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