Massive update 0.7

Over thirty private beta builds over the past four months went into the process of making this build ready for the public and today it's finally going to see the light of day.  This is by far the biggest update we've ever released on this branch and there is just a massive amount of stuff to cover to let's get down to the good stuff:

Story missions:  Playtest rough versions of five of our story missions including the following activities:

  • drug deals
  • robberies
  • car chases
  • gang battles

Player weapons: 

  • tuned existing weapon audio levels 
  • tuned weapon damage
  • added several new pistols to test hidden around the starting area including the golden deagle, 1911 and "the designer" 

Player vehicles:

  • tuned physics and handling 
  • fixed bug where steering wheel would not be correctly synced to the wheel angle when steering with thumbstick/touchpad
  • tuned torque and top speed values

Enemy AI:

  • improved enemy vision based targeting to ensure enemies fire their weapons at the player correctly when they have a clear line of sight
  • tuned enemy aggro ranges, spawns and health to better fit into mission systems

World map:  Expanded and built out a number of locations such as:

  • Chinatown night market first detail pass completed
  • Bikers garage location first detail pass completed
  • "Gentlemen's club" first detail pass completed
  • Trap House first detail pass completed

As always we look forward to your feedback and welcome your comments and suggestions via our official discord: 

Thanks for playing our games


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Sep 12, 2020

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