The Economy Update(0.6.1)

Another massive update to functionality as we progress steadily towards 1.0 with a lot of things to test for you folks so without further ado we'll get down to it:

  • Implemented "Economy" system, kill enemies, win boxing matches or survive the arena to make money, you can check your current bank balance from your "wristwatch menu"
  • Buy new outfits and weapons from the clothing and gun vendors around the map using your hard earned cash
  • Basic savegame system keeps track of your cash, owned weapons and clothing
  • Owned weapons will spawn within the various player safehouses as well as in the arena lobby upon starting the game
  •  "Purchase" medkits from many vendors around the map to restore full health 
  • Implemented improved player avatars to support the clothing vendors/outfits system
  • Added animated player hands with grip poses and basic finger tracking as this seemed to be a much requested cosmetic feature by our users so we bumped it up higher on our list of "release priorities"

As always we welcome any suggestions, bug reports or ideas via our official Discord: 

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Aug 17, 2019

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