Update 0.6.2

We're back with another big update for you folks, this time we've rolled out the basics of the "wanted level" system, totally replaced the old npc vehicles from the prototype build, made some big adjustments to lighting and post process as well as a ton of other stuff:

  • replaced the placeholder npc vehicles with fully physics driven and ai controlled vehicles
  • implemented "police" system, crimes will attract the attention of police which must be evaded
  • added "wanted" indicator to the player wristwatch, a red "halo" will illuminate when police are in pursuit and vanish once they are evaded
  • implemented "armed robbery" side activity, most gas stations and liquor stores can now be "held up" at gunpoint, while a good source of quick cash it will of course attract police attention
  • setup basic "respawn" mechanics for npcs, enemies and npc vehicles
  • adjusted "evening" scene lighting to eliminate some excessively dark areas of the map
  • fine tuning of post processing effects to richen colors and improve contrast
  • minor world detail pass
  • disabled "pickup truck" player vehicle while it is overhauled and replaced with an improved implementation
  • After a great deal of consideration we've decided to enable itch.io optional download donations as well to offer another way for our awesome fans to help support our creative efforts

As always we rely on your awesome feedback and support to make any of this possible, we welcome any feedback via our Official Discord and we would ask that you consider becoming a Patreon if you are enjoying what we are doing!

Thanks for playing our games!



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Sep 17, 2019

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