Steamvr compatability update

Dave here with another long awaited and much requested quality of life update.  We've finally managed to address the lingering issues with steamvr that caused held objects like weapons to be angled and positioned incorrectly.  No longer do you have to contort yourself to aim a pistol if you're using a steamvr compatible headset.  

The primary delay in getting steamvr implementation polished up was the simple fact that we lacked a htc vive in our development setup for regular testing an issue we've since addressed, this means movings forward the native steamvr support for all our titles should greatly improve overall.  We were able to dial it in for the index controllers as well as Valve was kind enough to send us a knux dev kit so fire up those index and vives and as always let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions!

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Apr 12, 2020

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