Testing build 0.5 is live!

This update is a huuuuugggeee one!  Firstly we're testing a basic physics driven menu system (shoot the targets to choose the desired option, to exit to main menu in game hover your right hand over the wristwatch and when it lights up red pull the right trigger) 

This is the first public update to make full use of the navigation/gps system, we really put a lot of thought into this one and want the hud to be as unobtrusive as possible, as such all pertinent info will be available at a glance on your wristwatch, this will include your health, the current direction to your next mission objective as well as any armour or cash your player may have in the full game.  

Of course in this update we're also still trying to further refine vehicle interaction and physics as we want the time spent behind the wheel in UndercoVR to be an absolute blast as you'll be traveling around the city quite a bit in the main campaign.  

 We've also included a special double secret look at the "boomstick" secret weapon from the campaign but be warned, you might need to take down an "army of darkness" to get your hands on it.

As always any feedback goes here: https://discord.gg/dwp8YaA


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Oct 24, 2018

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Just had a go on this build.  Dude, if you can get that GTA vibe built on (at least, that was my first thought after the menu) then that would be amaze-balls.  Even if it was like the early play of the top-down ones.  Would be a right craic!


I used a rift - with Oculus SDK.  Didn't try with SteamVR.

Not sure what kind of comments you're looking for, but obviously, I'm aware this is an early build.

First thing was that there was no rotation in locomotion.

The trigger was grab action in some cases.  Which isn't intuitive for the touch controllers.

Secondly - the driving:  I think it would be beneficial to have options to raise/lower seat height.  As for me (and I'm not short), I was barely seeing over the dashboard and that was contributing to my arms starting to ache.  Plus, it just wasn't comforatble in general because of that.

Nice touch to have to actually use the wheel, though.  i think some haptic feedback as rotating might help to rid the feeling of just holding air.

I'm so glad the gearstick worked.  Keep it.

Bumps whilst driving - at least for me - did feels a bit vomit inducing.  And I'm pretty adapt with VR.  Perhaps an option to turn that off?  Or reduce the effect. Or both.

Didn't find a brake...

Not sure what the best way to accelerate, but it does feel odd using the trigger.

The watch with the direction to next objective was nice, too.

The second stage is pretty early work, I can tell.  So hard to comment on.  One thing I did notice was the shotty. If I shot slowly, I think there's a reload delay.  I could by-pass that if I kept spamming the shoot button.

I think that's it for now.  Hope this has been of some use.  Cheers!