Update 0.5.2 is live!

We've got a huge update for you here today, testing tons of things now as we get closer to early access release.  Firstly I'd like to touch on the major ground up rework of the vehicle interaction systems.  You let us know that the steering wheel physics could get wonky and that steering felt sluggish, we heard you and took it back to the drawing board.  

No more weird physics glitches in the steering and the sensitivity is greatly improved, although it will get further fine tuning this is a good foundation to start testing the new system on.  We also made the brakes more powerful as was requested.

We've also added in a handful of various enemies using a few different ai solutions in efforts to find the sweet spot, feel free to use the starter pistol we've provided to air some of them out and let us know if any of em were particularly threatening.   

You can also stash that sweet pistol in your car now, right below the dashboard as seen below:

We also opened up highway access to some new areas of the map which aren't quite finished yet so you've got more places to drive around and test out the vehicle handing and physics to help us further refine things.  

finally to round things out a little bit as was frequently requested we enabled snap turning (right stick/touchpad) as well as the ability to "sprint" while on foot(click and hold the left stick/touchpad)  as always let us know if you have any issues with any of these mechanics via our official Discord

Thanks for all the awesome feedback we've received over the past few weeks!



UndercoVR-Testing-0.5.2.rar 630 MB
Nov 07, 2018

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