Update 0.5.3!

Managed to get a fair bit of fine tuning done in this update.  The overly sensitive steering wheel from the previous update has been calmed down a little bit and is now much more user friendly and less hyperactive.  The interior of the car has seen some visual and interaction improvements that should make cruising around more enjoyable and help to reduce any potential ill effects further by providing a more solid frame of reference.  Physics and collisions have also seen some further adjustment.  Some additional enemies have been added to the map to further test various ai methodologies and performance.   Further refinements to weapon handling have been made as well and will be seen in greater depth in future releases as more weapons begin public testing.  

A quick look at the new vehicle dynamics, weapon handling and visuals can be seen below:


UndercoVR-testing-0.5.3.rar 627 MB
Nov 10, 2018

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