Update 0.5.5!

Tons of stuff to test in this one so let's get right to it:

  • Two new vehicles (4x4 pickup & Supercar)
  • Five new weapons(AKM, Mac SMG, Pump Shotgun, 50. Sniper and SKS)
  • Ammunition autoloading system for handguns introduced:  Base pistol now holds 15 rounds and will reload automatically with a short delay, upgraded pistol is equipped with an extended magazine and holds 20 rounds.
  • Ammunition reloading mechanics for long guns/smgs introduced:  Cycle the "bolt" or "pump" of a weapon with your off hand in order to load another "round" or "magazine" depending on the weapon.
  • Additional "holster" slots added to player avatar, 2 more on the belt as well as a "chest holster" slot
  • Vehicle "seat" view automatic positional reset functional for oculus rift(take your forward facing seated position BEFORE using vehicle door "handle")
  • Further map areas opened up
  • AI lethality improvements
  • Lighting and camera adjustments
  • Vehicle physics adjustments
  • Performance improvements
  • First visual polish pass made to weapons, world and vehicles

Hoping to get some good feedback on the current vehicle and weapon dynamics so the core systems can be narrowed down and rolled into the main branch.  As always any feedback at all is welcome via our official discord: https://discord.gg/dwp8YaA


UndercoVR-testing-0.5.5.rar 686 MB
Jan 23, 2019

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