0.5.6 is live!

We're here with another huge update to the alpha branch for ya'll.  We've put some time into further refining vehicle interactions, physics and overall feel, hopefully for the better.  As per the norm we've also get some new weapons for you to test as well which can be found in the new "chinatown" district which is open for exploration now as well the new weapons are as follows: AR, KrisSMG and AAA12 Shotgun.  

Speaking of new map areas we've opened up the desert, mountain and forest areas outside of town for you folks to explore as we flesh them out and add features and landmarks, this has effectively doubled the size of the currently accessible map in alpha and we hope will provide a nice sneak peek at what we've got planned for full release.  

We've been working hard on improving the visuals as well with a lot of time spent polishing things such as lighting and materials and it's really showing in the latest build, no more ugly pop in and jagged horizons!  Overall performance improvements have also been a big part of our workload, keeping this massive open world running well even on min spec hardware has always been a huge priority since day one and continues to be a high priority to this day.  

We've also made some changes to ballistics as well and as such the "bullet drop" should be less pronounced, you still can't snipe with a pistol but you should be able to hit targets at range a little easier now.  We continue to experiment with the various ai methods as well as we get closer to choosing a final method to implement so you might still see some ai out there in the world that is "smarter" or "dumber" than others.  

Music and tv are a thing now, flip on the radio in your vehicle (if it has one) to listen to a few of our OST tracks or retreat to your luxury safehouse to catch up on some reruns and kick back.

As always if you have any suggestions or bugs to report please do so via our official discord: https://discord.gg/dwp8YaA


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Feb 21, 2019

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